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Love it. Anyone else see Herobrine during the scene introducing the pig? Maybe I'm crazy... All of these are great. I hadn't even played minecraft by the time I watched the first few episodes. But now that I have, I'm starting to get more of the jokes which makes me laugh even more than I already am. In a way, you inspired me to play this wonderful game. In the short time I've had it, I spent countless hours mining and crafting and enjoyed every minute of it. And for that, I thank you.

All 5's for you.

wtf did I just watch? Great art. Very odd though. Not a bad thing.

Love this series. Not so much the, may I say, 'slight' over use of memes, although used wisely. Great stuff. I love it, Favorited it and fived it. looking forward to the next.

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Definitely one of the better point-and-click games I've played. Everything seems well thought out and looks amazing. My only complaint is that I was hoping for a full adventure with more stages/battles/bosses. The kills were awesome to watch and I'm left wanting more. Not a bad thing btw

It would be cool to see something like this where you control more that one character in a battle. Clicking the necessary person to avoid the oncoming attack, or the other person rushing to block or parry . I loved the game and look forward to you expanding on this idea.

Reminds me of flakboy 2. But I LOVE flakboy. Nice tribute.


Even though its just a basic game, its executed very well. Everything ran smooth for me. A combo counter would have been neat. and maybe some knock-back damage for enemies. Like, knocking an enemy in the air, into another enemy , would cause damage and add to your combo multiplier. I would love to see some crazy combos with that.

Heres a trick-

time your attacks and when you do the 3-hit combo and she slams the pan down, you can turn it the other way to do damage to the other side as well. Worked great for the bonus round

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not bad

not diggin the chorus too much but its done very well. The quality is very good. and the beat and your delivery is good too. Do you have a non NG site? u should def get one. look up 2kvproductions on myspace :) maybe we can collab?

J-Kellz responds:

www.myspace.com/jkellcrew hit me up on there

its ight

It needs more transition tho. its just one big repetitive loop. Tho its kinda nice, It just dont have that Grab to it to make me want it. And being a beat maker myself, id have to say tho u did a good job, it seems u can do better.

war-spawn responds:

Oh snaps, I just read this now. A tad bit late, but hey... I understand where ya coming from. I'm just wondering why under the File Details part, it says Hip-Hop Loop. Beats me =\


Love it

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I WANT 1!!!!!

MAKE THAT 10!!!!

I love zero!

Hell yea man. Rock on


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